Every Barber Shopper Has A Story


Hopefully, by now, each of you has seen the excellent video that Don Green prepared and debuted at our Fall Convention, sharing some of the stories of the men in our great district - of how they came to barbershopping and not only the music they have made but the lasting friendships they have made as well.  The video is on the Cardinal District website, and I am providing the link below and encouraging you to either link or embed the video in your chapter website as well.  If you have the technology, you may also want to show the video at one of your upcoming chapter meetings - it is only 9:30 minutes.  I am certain that every viewer - member and non-member alike - will come away with the assurance that "it's great to be a barbershopper!"



Over the next few months, there will be more (longer and shorter) versions of the video interviews that were collected posted  to the district website - Member Spotlight, PSAs, to name a few.