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On February 13th and 14th the Thoroughbred Chorus sent 4 quartets out to deliver 50 'Singing Valentines'. Fun was had by all of the quartets and their drivers and we raised some money for the Chapter.

The prices started at $50 and for that you were serenaded by 4 handsome men in tuxedos and given a card with a personal note from the giver and a rose.

We would like to thank the Courier-Journal and reporter Kirsten Clark for the wonderful story and pictures in the 2/11/2015 edition of the paper. And we thank  Finish Line Quartet for being the subject of the photoshoot.

We had such an amazing time at December's show!  Wow - over 1,000 patrons filled the Memorial Auditorium downtown on Saturday - slightly smaller than last year's attendance.  A shout out to all of our supporters for spending time with us!  We had such a fabulous time performing  for you.

Our Guest Quartet Forefront put on a great show and, as usual, we ended the show with the story of the Christmas holidays.

Hopefully, by now, each of you has seen the excellent video that Don Green prepared and debuted at our Fall Convention, sharing some of the stories of the men in our great district - of how they came to barbershopping and not only the music they have made but the lasting friendships they have made as well.  The video is on the Cardinal District website, and I am providing the link below and encouraging you to either link or embed the video in your chapter website as well.  If you have the technology, you may also want to show the video at one of your upcoming chapter meetings - it is only 9:30 minutes.  I am certain that every viewer - member and non-member alike - will come away with the assurance that "it's great to be a barbershopper!"

A capella Festival, or camp, is a barber shop organizations efforts to help youth, mostly high school, to come for several days to a site for learning and fun.  Music education is a Barbershop Harmony Societty's charter.  Did I say organizations. Yes, because this is a cooperative program between lady barber shop singers and men barber shop singers.  Top directors in this area of the country come to coach, and often include quartets to assist in the students' education. Most student's tuition is paid by the chapters.