Becoming a Full Member of The Thoroughbreds

Thoroughbred Audition Process

The audition consists of three stages, all to be performed on separate days.  These stages include:

Stage 1 – voice test with a Director

Stage 2 – perform against tracks for the M&P Team

Stage 3 – perform with a quartet for the Chorus

Stage 1: This stage consists of a series of evaluations.  First, the potential member will perform a voice test with the chorus director.  The voice test will consist of a series of vocal exercises that will allow the director to assess all aspects of the singers voice and musical abilities.

Stage 2: After passing Stage 1, the potential member will be provided with the music and learning tracks for Stage 2.  The singer will perform the assigned song (as determined in the M&P Policy) for the Director and M&P Team without the assistance of sheet music or accompaniment.  They will sing their agreed upon part against learning tracks with their part missing.  The audition will be evaluated on the accuracy of notes, rhythms and words, quality of tone and overall performance.

Stage 3:  After passing Stage 2, the prospective member will continue to work on the audition song and is expected to improve based on feedback given by the M&P Team at the end of Stage 2.  The singer will then perform the same assigned song for the entire Chorus.  They will sing their part in a quartet including 3 members of the M&P Team.

We hope you enjoy your experience with the Thoroughbreds! 

If you need more info, reach out!

– Chorus:

– Phone: 502-267-SING (7464)