Salute to America


The Thoroughbred Chorus: A Tribute to Our Nation's Bountiful Heritage
1976 Bicentennial Recording        

Click on the SoundCloud graphic ">" blow to hear a snippet from the CD (not all tracks on the CD are included in the snippet):

Tracks 1 What a Country    
  2 Early American Medley  
  3 American Revloution Medley  
  4 Our Flag Was Still There  
    /Minstrel Montage    
  5 Civil War Medley    
  6 Yankee Doodle-Oodle  
  7 George M. Cohan Medley  
  8 Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor  
  9 Therre's A Long, Long Trail  
    /'Til We Meet Again    
  10 Yes Sir, That's My Baby  
  11 God Bless America    
  12 This Is My Country    
  13 Help Me To Help My Neighbor  
    /I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing
  14 Nearer, My God, To Thee  
    /What a Country (Reprise)  
  15 Star Spangled Banner